About Us

Where it all began...

Born in July 9th 1918, Cririlo Jose Araujo was part of the second generation of Italian immigrants born in Brazil. A man with a mind set for business and a talent for men's clothing design, Cirilo became the most well known men's fashion designer and tailor around the Northeast of Brazil. His biggest specialty was men's suits, and due to it's finishing perfection, they could be worn inside out without anyone even noticing it. To attend the local demand and looking into taking the business to next level, in 1972 Cirilo opened the first Boutique in his Brazil's hometown, Itiuba.

    The Boutique combined men's and women's fashion along with an extensive collection of table and bed linens. The large selection of 100% pure linen tablecloths skillfully crafted by hand with the most artistic technics of embroidery, the Boutique Araujo quickly became the most popular place for demanding buyers with an exquisite taste. In 1994 Cirilo passed away. His legacy lives on through his wife, children and grandchildren. As any legendary man, Cirilo has a street named after him.

    Cirilo's boutique still exists. It is administered by his wife Edite Carneiro Araujo, a 94 year old strong woman, whom I am proud to call my grandmother. Table Manners was born having this beautiful hardworking couple as an inspiration, and that is to whom I dedicate this company. I thank you grandma along with my uncle and aunt, Jose Carlos and Loudes, for the support and caring. To my sisters, I love you more than words can say.

     I hope you all can enjoy Table Manners. It was crafted by hands and hearts!


                 Kelly C.



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